Black History Month


February is Black History Month, and we want to honor and celebrate the rich history of all of our Black employees and members.

At Centene, we are guided by our purpose of transforming the health of every community, one person at a time. This means it’s our responsibility to recognize the racial disparity in the foster care community. Even though African American children are only 15%  of the U.S. child population, they account for about 33% of foster care children nationwide.

In order to deliver inclusive and equitable healthcare to our foster care population, we depend on the diverse ideas and experiences of each of our team members. We are only able to effectively advocate for those we represent because our team reflects that same diversity and experience. We’re proud to report that 50% of our entire workforce identifies as BIPOC, with 36% of our higher-level leaders identifying as BIPOC. We are still committed to making Centene even more diverse and inclusive as we build our workforce to best serve children and families. 

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