Celebrating Diversity


Celebrating diversity and inclusion is incredibly important, especially for our youth. Introducing these ideas helps people find what we have in common, and also identifies our differences so we can better serve one another. Most importantly, these ideas lead toward true acceptance and belonging. And for a community, it can help break down barriers and give perspective.

For Centene, respect and inclusion influence everything we do for both the members we serve and the communities we touch. And that’s why with our foster care programs, we understand the need to keep these principles at the forefront. Every member and family is different, and no one has the exact same lived experience. To operate as best as we possibly can, we need to embrace diversity and inclusion with each community we interact with.

More than ever, we encourage all types of families to think about helping a child through foster care or adoption. No matter your history, background, or lived experience. We are also proud to offer support and training to anyone who would like to help. Click here to see how you can take your next step toward inclusion.