National Foster Care Awareness Month

At Centene, we understand the power of foster care. The power of family and creating homes. And the importance of raising awareness for the foster care system. That’s why we’re proud to celebrate National Foster Care Awareness Month this May.

Advocating for our member’s needs is incredibly important to us. Each state has different rules and regulations regarding foster care. And there are over 407,000 children in foster care, with millions of youth who live outside of the formal child welfare system. We want to work toward a system that helps everybody. And creating the best possible system requires the partnership of child welfare professionals, parents, youth, caregivers, community members, and especially legal and judicial professionals. Because no single person or group can magically solve all problems. It takes everyone working with the same goal in mind to achieve the best results for the system.

For more information about how you can get involved in National Foster Care Awareness Month, please visit this website.