TF-CBT Trainings

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Two-day Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training (TF-CBT)
Brought to you by Cenpatico

Training Conducted by:
Roy Van Tassell, MS, LPC, Cenpatico
Director, Trauma and Evidenced Based Intervention

Roy’s training experience includes participation in six learning collaboratives for TF-CBT, first as a participant team member from F&CS in the Breakthrough Series Collaborative, then as faculty for the NCTSN sponsored Western Learning Collaborative and recently in three separate collaborative initiatives with the University of Tennessee Center of Excellence for Children in State Custody with Vanderbilt University. He is a recent faculty member and consultant for The Southern Regional Child Advocacy Center Learning Collaborative. This collaborative is a conjoint project with the National Child Advocacy Center in Huntsville, Alabama and The EPIC Center with Duke University. Roy also served as a co-trainer faculty for two advanced TF-CBT trainings with TF-CBT co-developer Dr. Esther Deblinger.

Our goal is to bring this low-cost training to licensed clinical providers to provide an opportunity for additional skills that will benefit children in the foster care system.

Day 1 and Day 2 will begin at 8:30am. Please anticipate staying until 5:00pm on Day 1 and at least 4:30pm on Day 2.

At the end of of Day 2, we will provide you with your CEU hours. Participants will need to be in attendance the full 2 days in order to receive CEUs. No partial CEUs will be given.

We ask that you come to the training with a completed Trauma Informed Care (TIC) Specialty Provider Network Application. Upon completion of this training, you are qualified to be listed as a TIC Specialty Provider. We share this designation with those looking for trauma-oriented therapeutic services statewide. Click for more information before the training on the TIC specialty provider network.

Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training
Day 1

Time Agenda
8:30am Welcome, sign-in, pre-test, introduction for participants,
  training format and Parking Lot
9:30am Model overview/rationale, prevalence, and ACE study
10:30am Break (15 min)
10:45am Impacts, PTSD, supporting research NCTSN / resources
11:15am Clinical Competency: Psycho education and Parenting skills
  (Learning integration)
11:45am Clinical Competency: Begin Relaxation techniques / Stress
  Inoculation or morning Q&A
Noon Lunch (provided)
1:00pm Complete Relaxation
1:45pm Clinical Competency Affect Expression and regulation
  (Learning integration)
2:45pm Break (15 min)
3:00pm Clinical Competency: Cognitive Processing & Coping (I)
  (Learning integration)
4:00pm Clinical Competency Trauma Narrative / Neutral and Baseline
4:30pm Day 1 wrap-up Parking Lot, questions
5:00pm End


Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training
Day 2

Time Agenda
8:30am Day 1 question review as needed–Parking Lot
9:00am Clinical Competency: Trauma Narrative
10:00am Clinical Competency: Trauma Narrative Practice / examples
10:30am Break
10:45am Processing Trauma Narrative Cognitive Processing II
  (Learning integration using narrative)
11:45am Morning wrap-up, questions
Noon Lunch on your own
1:00pm Clinical Competency: In-Vivo Desensitization
  (Learning Integration)
1:45pm Clinical Competency: Conjoint Parent-Child sessions
2:45pm Break
3:00pm Enhancing Safety and Social Skills
3:30pm Adapting TF-CBT to different populations, graduation,
  Q&A wrap-up Post test
3:45pm Post-test and evaluation
4:30pm Dismiss